Everyone has had the desire to travel at some point in their life, usually starting at a very young age. As a child you may have fantasized about exploring exotic far-off lands. Maybe you wanted to grow up to be an astronaut or an archeologist – working to uncover the past or explore the universe. Wherever these adolescent daydreams took you, they were rooted in the basic instinct to explore the unknown and do something different. Eventually ‘life’ catches up with you and adulthood starts to resemble what you always dreaded as a young person.

I’ve been there. After graduating college and working a few entry-level corporate desk jobs, I quickly realized the cubicle life was not for me. Luckily, I was not tethered to my desk by an endless chain of student-loan debt and quickly made plans to drop everything and move to China. This decision to literally move halfway across the world started a chain of events that changed my life.

I now own my own company where I can work anywhere in the world, as much or as little as I want. Now I don’t make tons of money by any means, but I make enough to travel and live comfortably in most countries in the world. Plus I have the ever desirable freedom to choose when I want to work and what I want to work on. As I type this, I am sitting on a beach in Southern Thailand, not hurrying or having any idea of where I will be at this time next week.

My cost of living is less than living back home and my life is more peaceful, interesting and fulfilling than ever. Most importantly for me, I have none of the stresses I had when I was living in cubicle land. I used to read similar statements and think “if only…” but trust me, it really wasn’t that hard getting here.

Of course there were periods of doubt and the ever present thought of “wtf am I doing?!”, but trust when I say that it. really. wasn’t. that. hard.

Moving overseas and exploring my unknown was instinctual. What I did when I arrived was dictated by specific resources that helped me create my dream life.

I want BackpackingWithaBusiness.com to be one of those resources.

Whether you want to travel the world, and make money doing it, or you are just sick and tired of the daily grind, this site will help get you moving in the right direction. I will be documenting my life as a traveling-entrepreneur and encourage others to share stories that have helped them live a less ‘normal’ but more fulfilling life. This site invites contribution from entrepreneurs, travelers or anyone that can offer tips and tricks to make life more fulfilling – or at least more interesting. An idea zone – NOT an idealist zone – that will share thoughts and stories from all kinds of walks of life. I hope these ideas inspire you to aim higher, create new goals, and find success in whatever you do.

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This isn’t your typical lifestyle, travel or entrepreneurship blog – although, at times it will act as all 3. BackpackingWithaBusiness.com is a window into people’s lives that are anything but ‘typical’. It is a resource – for those who want it – that helps in making small life changes turn into big life improvements. After all, as Lao-Tzu wrote “He who is contented is rich”. If you always thought there was more to life, and you want to find out what that is, you are in the right place.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you out there.