My Digital Butler: The Alfred App

The Alfred App

(Sorry Window’s losers err, excuse me, users, this is a Mac tool only)

I was recently asked what my favorite app was for Mac OS X and after some deliberating, I decided on:

When I sit down at my computer to begin my workday, I eliminate all distractions (except for my cup of coffee), and switch my mind to ‘productivity mode’. When running a business or acting as a consultant, every minute is precious, as tight deadlines are common. Enter: The Alfred App, my conspicuous digital butler. Whenever I need to quickly crunch numbers or find a lost file, Alfred is at my beck and call. More powerful than the Mac OSX spotlight but still simple enough to eliminate a learning curve, this powerful tool saves me (and my clients) time on a daily basis. I am surprised more people don’t know about this powerful application, so I thought I would share!

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